Yes, I’m moving like a sloth

Sorry for the pause in updates, mates! I actually had this text ready earlier, just forgot to find the suitable panels for the post. :P Still inking the pages like an animal, but things are progressing slower than expected. I began inking the story from here and there, focusing on the faster and safer pages at first, meaning the ones with less detail and tricky POV’s, and pages unlikely to need tweaking (other than dialogue). Well, I soon found out that I had, in fact, left myself almost a panel or two on each page that would later prove to be more laborious than expected. Panels like these, for example, which you don’t actually pay much attention to when sketching the storyboard loosely:

(BTW, I’ll explain the work method in more detail in the next post.)

In any case, after inking 40 or so pages with character development and whatnot, I thought it best to experiment with one of the action pages for a change. It was a BLAST. I mean, it was then when I actually remembered how the project differed from my other comics, why I wanted to work on stories like Kenneth Shuri or Perkeros in the first place. Although I enjoy animating the characters (fooling around with body language and actually making them act the scenes out, instead of just drawing talking heads), there’s nothing like some good old cartoony action. ;) Overexaggerating the moves, breaking the basic panel structure, coreographing, etc., I just love that stuff. I’d just been so happy finally inking the project that I hadn’t even realized there was something more satisfying lying ahead. Like this:

Another thing that I find is slowing me down, is ploughing through and gathering reference pics and such. Since the story takes place in Tampere, I want the backgrounds and places to be accurate (not down to the last detail, of course, but as close as I can given the time and effort). One thing I’ve learned so far is that there can never be too much reference material. 80% of the time you realize that the specific image, backdrop, etc. you have in mind is missing. So if you’re out taking reference photos, do a 360° of the entire room/view/milieu. You’ll thank yourself later.

…actually, no. You’ll want to shoot yourself in the leg for wanting to put in all the detail there in the first place.

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