Thanks to all the visitors!


My apologies for the absence, but I’ve been working hard on the French and US versions of Perkeros and have had little time to update the site. I have to thank everyone involved with the Perkeros Backstage exhibit, the amount of people at the opening was overwhelming, and the guestbook (and the backstage wall) had been efficiently bombed during the exhibit. Just superb! I was actually so caught up in conversation during the opening that I didn’t document any of it, but thanks to Henry Söderlund and Jukka Tilus for providing me with a few shots (sorry I toned them for the blog!). If you haven’t bumped into these fellas before, please check their sites out.

The exciting part is that the exhibit will continue it’s way during Spring, but I’ll have the chance to write about that later…

Next weekend is time for Tampere kuplii, so if you happen to be around the neighborhood, come and say hi. I’ll be selling and signing books all weekend (Sat 29th—Sun 30th), and attending a few panels:

Saturday 12.00: Työläistyttöjä, bändipoikia ja muita Tampereen sankareita (auditorio)
Sunday 14.00: Perkeros (auditorio)

That’s all for now, take care and see you next weekend.





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