Program for the Autumn


This fall is shaping up to be quite a hectic one with several events on the horizon. First up is the Helsinki Comic Festival, taking place during the 5th–7th of September. You’ll also find me attending  New York Comic Con (9.–12.10.), the Helsinki Book Fair (23.–26.10.) and Oulu Comic Festival (6.–8.11.).

Quite a few have been asking about the foreign versions of Perkeros, and I’m honored to say that the English translation, Sing No Evil, will be out on the 30th of September (the “official” launch will be in NYCC, so drop by and say hi if you’re there!). Other language regions will be out as follows: 8.9. Spanish, 18.9. Italian ja 14.10. German.

For the time being KP and I are hard at work with the Perkeros sequel(s), and I’ll begin uploading some previews of visuals on our Facebook page soon(ish). I had a little accident late July, which forced me to sit still for a while (a window cut through my wrist), but I’m up and at it once again. Guess that’s what you get when you doodle comics about Satan and heavy metal and whatnot. ;)

Be safe, talk to you soon!

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