Previews #2

Surprisingly, it’s once again been a while since my previous post. We’re on the home stretch, with still a hell of a lot to do, but there is light starting to shine through nonetheless. We are aiming to get the book out for the Helsinki Comic Festivals, so keep your fingers crossed, thumbs up and rabbit’s feet up your behinds. More info on pre-orders soon, but for the time being I am truly juggling knives, and will need to attend more important stuff first. Thought this would be a nice time for the second set of previews – a scene that once again takes place at the rehearsal space, before the earlier preview scene, actually, and hopefully captures some of the spirit of the book. Hope you enjoy it! I’ll be posting the English versions soon as well, just give me a second. ;)

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Hope all is well where you’re at, take care everyone, talk to you again soon!


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