New tour dates etc.

As some of you might’ve noticed, our site has received a little facelift. :) Moreover, we’ve added new tour dates as Perkeros will be heading to Sweden and Denmark. The translations will be launched at Seriefestivalen in Stockholm, and I’ll be attending the festival to sign books and doodle some drawings for you guys. This is quite an exciting foreign edition for us, as many of the bands that have influenced us along the way are from Sweden. More info on the festival schedules later on. Hope you enjoy the updated website, everyone!

Perkeros shirts

paita_etumus_esimDue to your requests, here they come—the official Perkeros band shirts! :) The print run is limited, so order yours via my shop. We’re using 100% organic Earth Positive 155 g slim-fit shirts. Hope you wear them with pride!

paita_label_esimThe shirt includes a larger print in front and custom labels inside the neck. The price is 30€ plus shipping. More info about sizes and how to order over here.


Hell yeah!

karhu1Somewhat a week ago I received these little dudes from Laureano Grossi of HellYeah Handicraft Studio, all the way from Madrid. I can’t express how awesome they look, nor how blown away I was to receive such a gift! I know I’ve been flooding our social media accounts with these pics, but I want to document these fellas here as well. Seriously, coming over to the studio is a treat nowadays. Now I’ll just need to figure out a gift in return…


samael2I need to apologize for the lack of updates recently, but I feel keeping the motor running with the sequels is more important at this hour. I’ll keep you posted on how things progress, though, have no fear.