“The focus on music gives “Sing No Evil” its own identity, making the book truly memorable.”
– Sean Keane, New York Daily News

“This one’s a keeper.”
Publishers Weekly

“The book’s success lies in the author’s knowledge of the genre, which manifests itself in the attention to detail in some of the illustrations and references to some classic and under-rated rock albums of recent times, adding an authoritative approach to the whole tale.” – Darren J. Sadler, Terrorizer Magazine

“Sacred geometry, mind-blowing art, band drama, ancient magics, Tool references, and more – JP Ahonen and KP Alare’s Sing No Evil is a book so tailored to what I love about both music and comics that I’m still wrapping my brain around the fact that it exists.” – Steve Seigh, Talking Comics

“Sing No Evil is a significant accomplishment — both narratively and artistically. Its story, while containing familiar elements, is refreshingly unpredictable, and its artwork rewards careful attention. Readers may well discover that Perkeros is their new favorite band.”
– Rob Cline, Little Village Mag

“If Pixar were ever to make a film about a Finnish metal band, Satanic demons and an ursine drummer (a bit of a stretch I know) then JP Ahonen and KP Alare’s Sing No Evil would make the perfect storyboard. Genuinely funny dialogue, polished art and a fully rounded story.”
– Teddy Jamieson, Herald Scotland

“Cette bd est un vrai coup de cœur car elle mélange savamment de la musique, du fantastique et une aventure humaine.”
– Jean-Philippe Lefèvre, Télé

“Kaikesta paistaa tekijöiden rakkaus lajiin, varsinkin musiikillisesti.” – Ismo Karo, Imperiumi

“Dieses Buch ist alles anderer als ein normaler Comic und ein ziemlich gutes Beispiel für Comics aus Skandinavien, es hat einfach alles was ein gutes Comic ausmacht, es eine solide Handlung, es hat Charme und Witz, Mystery Elemente und Drama.”