Perkeros in magazines

kirjainI had the honor of making the cover for the last issue of Kirjain magazine. As I was given total artistic freedom, I fooled around a little and did a quick Perkeros illustration. Thought I’d slap it here for you guys. Oh, and the Spring issue of Kirjainsanomat is also advertising the book with such vivid adjectives that I’m seriously getting cold feet here. :| I mean, yes, I’m busting my balls to deliver something super nice, but I want to play things cool.

This actually brings me to one of the negative sides of any creation process – insecurity in my own work. I often find myself getting stressed out about, well, pretty much everything: is the script ok, is the artwork good enough, are the colors correct, should I take a different approach to a scene, etc. etc. The list never ends. As much as I hate the word perfectionism, I have to admit I’m… well… anal about a lot of details in my works. I’m telling you, it’s a vicious quality to have. Doesn’t go well with comics…

I doubt I’ll ever shake this monkey off my back, but the best way in learning to cope with this lack of self-confidence, I guess, is just to remember justifying all my choices. If the decision supports the story and is true to what I’m trying to say, what else can I do? :)

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