It has arrived


Look what I have here. I guess I can finally relax a little, since the book is finally out and (I have to admit) looks pretty damn awesome. The folks at the printers did an amazing job and all the challenging pages and scenes from dark to light, earth-toned to over-saturated ones look amazing. This surely is an overwhelming moment, as this has been a dream for me ever since I was a wee little lad. I believe it was Jeff Smith’s Bone series that finally gave me the spark for graphic novels. Well, it’s finally here, and the best thing is that we got work on it together with KP.


My humblest thanks to all the pre-orders! The books arrived a little later than expected, but I’ll try and be fast and get them on their way soon. You may still order them via yours truly, or seek them from well equipped book shops. The first review is also out, you may check it out from!


I’ll be attending the Helsinki Comic Festivals this weekend, so you’ll find me there. And you’re more than welcome to the Perkeros panel/interview on Friday the 6th, beginning 6 pm on the mbar stage. I’ll be interviewed by comic book artist / musician Kivi Larmola. Unfortunately KP can’t make it to the interview, but I’ll try to fill in as best as I can. ;)

So, there it is. Wow. Sorry for the poor pics, but I wanted to post these as soon as possible. Hope you enjoy the book! See you this weekend, maybe?

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