I love it when a plan comes together

Things are looking up for once. At least the decisions and solutions I’ve made considering the storyline should all be justified and serve a cause. There’s still some tweaking left here and there, and a lot to polish with the dialogue but it’s getting there. Usually the gags, dialogue and facial expressions are open till the very end, and I leave a little room for improv, if possible. This is just the way I work, I guess, and it keeps the work a little more interesting. Otherwise I’d just be putting new layers on the same material over and over again (like peeling an onion in reverse), which would start feeling exhausting at some point.

Don’t get me wrong, the structure needs to be there, but other than that I think it’s key to give yourself a little space to fool around. After this first round of thumbnailing and scripting, there’s still the sketching, inking, coloring and lettering phases to kill, before finally laying the book out in Indesign. Man, I don’t want to think of that now…

At the moment I’m just anxious to hand out the preliminary sketches over to a third party for a read-through and get some concrete feedback.

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