Here it is, then

The pages are public now. Yikes. Not much to show yet (or actually, there is a shitload of stuff, but I’ll postpone them for later :) ), but I want to push the site out as promised. I’m writing the blog mainly for myself, to sort of document the painful birth of the project, but I hope the readers will also find something interesting in the course of following the progress and etc. Samples of actual readable pages will follow, don’t worry. :) I want to take this step by step.

I’m currently trying to ink through the script as efficiently as possible, going around page 66 at the moment (still like a 100 pages to go). KP is making tweaks to the dialogue and storyline. It’s still a hectic few months ahead, and I’m already totally wiped out. :D Physically, I mean. Mentally I’m feeling hyped and excited to finally be working on this book, after fooling around with the concept since 2006.

Although the book is in Finnish, I want to write this blog in English, just so my Flight peeps and pals have an idea of what the hell I’m doing at the moment. :)

Thanks for taking a look and please come back every now and then. I’ll try and keep both the site and Facebook page reasonably active. The latter possibly a bit more. So if you want to stay in the loop, like our FB page! Cheers! Talk to you soon.

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