First post, I guess

So I’m working on the website and listening to the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo soundtrack. Yes, very moody. After a numerous attempts at the site template, I’m finally getting somewhere. Now I’m only lacking content. Haahhaaah. The previous designs were way too complicated, others too minimal, but hopefully this’ll stick for longer. My goal is to achieve something that’ll be minimal enough so that the pages and content will pop out nicely, but complex enough to actually look good and appealing – and most importantly: give the comic some flesh around the bones.

The script’s outlines should be in order, but I’m looking forward to ironing out bits here and there when I get to work on thumbnailing the pages (soon!). This is by far the most difficult project I’ve been working on, so I’m both excited and terrified of getting my hands dirty on the actual pages. Wish me luck.

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