God The Devil is in the details


Obviously, one of the biggest reasons for taking on a band comic project is my love for music and songwriting (not drawing instruments…). As much as I adore comics, I still think of music as probably the most intriguing artform there is. I mean, music is something incredibly diverse: you can listen to it wherever you like, have it playing on the background, focus on it, learn to play it yourself, interact to it, etc. It might give you the chills, bring back memories, haunt you, move you, whatever, and after hearing something really awesome, you really want to visit it again.

This is what I want from my comics.

Comics and books come in all shapes, sizes, purposes, etc. You name it. The topics, style, stories and ways of storytelling are endless, but music reigns with the amount of usage. I might listen to 10–12 hours of music during a day, easily, but not read a single comic. Yes, I’m ashamed. What I hope to achieve is a comic one would come back to, a book with several layers. Like a good CD that opens only through several listenings. Most of the interesting books I visit time and again have that extra something, either in the storyline, the dialogue or character interaction, for example. Or perhaps the artwork: how lines, colors, composition come into play (especially in comics, where you have the composition and layout of a spread, the page, and each panel). :)

In addition you have the details you can study: Easter eggs, intertextuality, semiotics, symbolism, all that meta level stuff. :D I mean, if that’s not cool then I don’t know what is! One of the themes in Perkeros is losing and finding yourself. In life, in music, etc. For me, as an artist, this means losing myself inside the pages, I guess. Perkeros will be published in 240 mm x 160 mm size, so most of the details will of course be lost, but hopefully we’ll get an iPad version of the book at some point. The details should be pretty fun to spot in that case. Because hey…


…you can really zoom into that shit.


You ever get that weird feeling after watching an animated movie, when the film ends you’re suddenly taken back to reality and sort of realize that oh yeah, this is how real life looks like? That’s my goal. :) Only time will tell if I actually pull this off…


I just hope readers will take their time with our book (same goes for my Puskaradio comics). There should be more to plough through between the lines… drawings… panels, whatever. Sorry for the long pause in updates, more to follow later. I need to keep cranking with the inks if I want to finish this monster in this lifetime.

perkeros1 perkeros3kilkettä

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