Fan art!

Thought I’d post some of the fan art and pieces we’ve received from readers here too. Can’t really tell you how humbled we are from these, it just feels so exciting to see your characters drawn by others!

Akseli and Aydin by Anni Keränen.

Aydin and Karhu by Jouni Koponen.


Akseli by Reetta Kallio, from whom KP and I also got these kick-ass glasses made from old beer bottles! Simply amazing.



And last (but certainly not least) Lilja, drawn by the super talented Mathieu Reynès. This isn’t actually fan art, but a dedication drawing I received when buying his Eyes Wild Open artbook. Man, when I saw this image my jaw dropped. Mathieu captured Lilja’s spirit spot on. I think I need to hire Mathieu to do the next book…

Thanks so much for your love and support, fellas! All images © to their respectful owners.


  1. That pic of Lilja is amazing.. her face with those beautiful eyes show not only her spirit, but also her soul.

    Having Mathieu as co-artist for next book is a must!

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