Helsinki Comic Festivals

Our book was officially launched at the Helsinki Comic Festivals last weekend, and the feedback was beyond our expectations. Seriously, so much love for Perkeros it’s overwhelming! :) KP and I can’t thank you guys enough, you have no idea how humbled we are. The last ten years that I’ve spent working on weekly strips and commissioned illustration work have been good, of course, but I’ve felt a little tied down with a short leash. I’m just glad to hear that our story and concept seems to work and that I’ve managed to execute the visuals well enough. Thanks so much for your love and support, people! This means the world to us.


Thanks to everyone who attended the festivals, popped in to say hi or get their book signed. The organizers did a magnificent job running the show, so a huge thank you to all the festival crew and volunteers. We certainly had a blast. Time flew, unfortunately, but luckily there are some pretty sweet photos available here: Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

I managed to get the pre-orders sketched, signed and packed today, so you may expect to get them by the end of this week or early next week, the latest. Hope you enjoy the book, everyone!


Oh, and a humble thanks to Juha Sihto for this sweet review of the book in Aamulehti, published last Saturday. This certainly lighted up our… ahem… slightly post-publication party hungover spirits. ;)



So. It is DONE. READY. Set to frigging GO. It’s been one crazy summer, but the book is finally done and has been sent to print. You can pre-order your copy from me here, with a dedication drawing included, of course, or you can seek for the book in your local stores beginning the 3rd of September. You may also order it online from Akateeminen, Suomalainen or Booky, etc. I apologize for not keeping up with the updates, but the final crunch during the last few months was truly insane. Life threw a few nasty surprises along the way and I was almost set to postpone the book once again. The good news is that everything is okay, and therefore (secondly), the book will see daylight as planned during the Helsinki Comic Festivals. The image above is actually the self-ironic advertisement that’ll be included in the festival program booklet. The quotes are from the story, in case you’re wondering.


I’ve never worked as hard on anything, I just hope it shows and readers like the outcome, take their time with it. The devil is in the details, after all. ;) During the course of drawing, I often thought what I should jot down when the book is finished, but now that it’s done I’m seriously drained of pretty much everything. There’s one thing that’s above the rest of the working process, though, and that’s paying one’s respects to the ones that have aided and helped along the way. So here goes, I seriously can’t thank you enough:

Marjaana, Aamos, KP, Emppu, Arttu, Paula, Jukka, Mikael, Julia, Reetta, Emmi, Bannister, Flo, Dik, Kean, Tory, Tony, Phil, Kazu, Amy, Jason, Becky, Sara, Avi, Maria, Sami, Ilari, Jouni, Markus and the rest of friends and pals from both Finland and abroad. Thanks for your understanding, patience and support. I love you guys.

But so, there you have it, fellas. I’ll try and catch up with the “tutorials” and influences later on during the year, so drop back later if you feel like it. :) If you’re in Helsinki during the 6th to 8th of September, come say hi and flip through the book at the Comic Festivals. Check out the program here.

That’s it for now, I guess. I’ll be spamming you later with more info, don’t worry. Thanks for reading, hope to see you here again soon.


…well ain’t that a sight for sore eyes…

Previews #2

Surprisingly, it’s once again been a while since my previous post. We’re on the home stretch, with still a hell of a lot to do, but there is light starting to shine through nonetheless. We are aiming to get the book out for the Helsinki Comic Festivals, so keep your fingers crossed, thumbs up and rabbit’s feet up your behinds. More info on pre-orders soon, but for the time being I am truly juggling knives, and will need to attend more important stuff first. Thought this would be a nice time for the second set of previews – a scene that once again takes place at the rehearsal space, before the earlier preview scene, actually, and hopefully captures some of the spirit of the book. Hope you enjoy it! I’ll be posting the English versions soon as well, just give me a second. ;)

40 41 42 43 44 45 46

Hope all is well where you’re at, take care everyone, talk to you again soon!