Perkeros hails from the basements of Tampere, Finland. After leaving Footswitch, Akseli formed Perkeros in 2009 together with Kervinen and Karhu. Lilja was found by accident from a local pub late in 2010, inflating the band (known as Sergio the Mute at the time) in to a quartet. After numerous name changes (Sergio the Mute, Shub-Niggurath, Pixie Dicks, Demonbreath, Arse of Esther, Borszch 9) the group finally settled on Perkeros, and recorded their first demo entitled Eurydice. With the release, Perkeros slowly built a name for themselves in the local underground scene.

In the summer of 2012 the band made dramatic changes to the line-up and brought in a fifth member, Aydin, to substitute Akseli as the lead vocalist. The band is now working on their second demo to pitch to record labels.

→ Perkeros is a humorous graphic novel about an avantgarde metal band on the threshold to success, created by JP Ahonen and KP Alare.

Meet the production crew

JP and KP met in elementary school, and continued on their aligned paths to the University of Lapland on the Arctic Circle. After numerous band experiments, they buried their dream of becoming famous musicians. However, the two grad students grew none the wiser, as the idea of a new band began to brew during long university seminars. This time it was clear from that the band would perform only on paper, and Perkeros hit its first beats in the creators’ headsets soon after. JP is the author of two Sunday newspaper comic strips published weekly in his native Finland. His work appears in Kazu Kibuishi’s Flight anthologies #4–8. KP works as a graphic designer and comics writer.