Art Bubble in Copenhagen


Hey everyone. Just popping by to inform I’ll be attending Art Bubble comics festival in Copenhagen during the 14–15th of November – so in just two weeks! I’m quite humbled to be part of the guests this year, featuring the likes of Don Rosa (Donald Duck), Walthéry (Natacha) and David Petersen (Mouse Guard) to name a few. The festival is open from 10 AM to 6 PM on both Saturday and Sunday, and I’ll be around signing books and such throughout the weekend. I also have a panel at 2 PM on Saturday, where I’ll be talking about Perkeros and music with Christopher Thomsen. See you there!


Also, a big thanks to everyone who made it over to Bokmässan Göteborg in September! It was a really nice trip. I hope you enjoyed your copies of Perkeros. In other news, I’m currently working out the financial stuff to be able to continue with the following books of the series. I am truly truly sorry for the delay, but this project is so close to my heart I want to give it the time and effort it deserves, instead of rushing it through. Hang in there, you guys are the best!


  1. Horatio Hadley says:

    If you are attending, any chance of me paying you to purchase ten of the David Petersen posters and shipping them to America? I would gladly pay you a commission for your efforts.

    Thank you.

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